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Mother invites us all

Today we are celebrating Earth Day and our Mother invites us all. The choice to celebrate her is ours

Do you recognize the new reference point by now?
The new reference point, from source, which is already amongst us? Do you recognize this? Are you aware that a free living togetherness does not cost anything: no redirection of the ‘old’ money, no taxation (which is all illegal and not necessary at all)?

Do you comprehend that the true living togetherness could be here within one day, that we do not have to wait for anything: not for the gold backed up money (we could talk about the allegory of the gold = our Transcendental Soul), not for a project, free energy, being more lovable, becoming more spiritual, enlightenment…? Do you comprehend this all by now?

From the new reference point everything transforms and does not explode into chaos. Its essential to perceive FROM this new reference point. From this new reference point you will have the immediate discernment what is coming from source and what is not. The Light of source will shine through all documents, videos, talks, projects, political parties, movements, etc.

Again perceived from the new reference point our free access to life, our true living togetherness, does not cost anything and is back within one day. The One Programming Rule proves this: create sufficient money numbers for all humanity to be alive physically. This could be done within one day and does not cost anything but a choice/facilitation. That’s all! Entrance money for that what we really need: 1) access to life, and 2) healthcare.

So you are not being rewarded with the x-money numbers of your value: this has nothing to do with You Are The Value.









Why x? in money numbers?: the x? is the amount you need to be physically alive. When we would need 1000,00 then we create those money numbers a month. When we would need 500,00 then 500,00 etc. This is why the amount of money you are able to create monthly in Money Place (Equi) is flexible, because the amount you need depends on the country you live in and even the area you live.

These money numbers are the restoration for the fact that our free life entrance is stolen. When we would have free life entrance, when we would live together from a free unburdened, unburdening, and shared life entrance (Ubuntu in essence) then these money numbers as a restoration would not be necessary.

So our life entrance is occupied, stolen, and that’s why we need the restoration. That’s why you need to stand for the One Programming Rule. That’s why you need to become aware who you really are.

The transformation is not about money at all and is not a project, a concept, an idea, its not about savings for your children or/and grandchildren, etc., but about our living togetherness, about knowing who we really are, about becoming aware of the All Law and the essence of Ubuntu (which is life in its own context) and BEING the causal effect for the New Generation.

The choice you have to make, is: do you really long to connect from the new reference point? Maybe you do not comprehend it completely already, but there must be a feeling of recognition and resonance by now.

We Are All Invited
(Today we are celebrating Earth Day and our Mother invites us all. The choice to celebrate her is ours)

New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm – Homeschooling

David Lory VanDerBeek (governor)








Today I want to bring in a real life situation to elaborate on from the Light of the ‘new’ reference point

Someone is saying:
@This soon to be Governor of Nevada is awake and aware. He informed me he knows about the birth certificate bond fraud a few months back in a brief email conversation.

David Lory VanDerBeek
The militia at the Bundy Ranch believe it likely they will be raided by the feds no later than Wednesday if at all this week when the fewest supporters are there. They will contact me the moment it goes hot and I will put the word out.

Another person is adding
@”I am Nevada’s next Governor Restoring the American Dream. Go to A patriot for the principles of the Constitution, Liberty, Natural Rights, Rule of Law, Freedom of Choice.”

I shined the Light from Love and the new reference point through this all
@VanDerBeek for Governor for you means a great career and income, world-class education, world-class healthcare,

We do NOT have to wait for VanDerBeek as a governor to have our life entrance back. We do NOT have to wait for politicians and/or a savior.

We ALREADY create entrance money for life entrance and healthcare. We could do this for years already. Our govt (Netherlands) is informed, but they simply refuses and suppress our true living togetherness.

All is already here. Here is another political promise: VanDerBeek for Governor…

No: its about our living togetherness: keep life entrance in a shared state, contribute to each others life entrance, accept each others (economical) Value. Its all here already: do not refuse and suppress it anymore.

Why does Michael Tellinger has no Equi account? Why does VanDerBeek has none? Are Michael and VanDerBeek living from Equi awareness? No I do not think so. Michael is informed in the past personally and a few days back again: no response, nothing.

Are you in NEED of a great career and income?? No, you are in NEED of entrance to life: so enough to be physically alive. And you are in NEED of entrance money for healthcare if you NEED that. We are in NEED of entrance money. And the awareness on entrance money is here for years already but as I said is refused and suppressed. Entrance money is not an income. But hey you know this by know because most of you are in my study group.

Do you see Michael Tellinger and VanDerBeek standing in the Entrance to LIfe circles? Do you see Dutch politicians standing in the Entrance to Life circles? I do not. That’s what they ‘need’ to do. That’s what all the SWI delegates and OPPT people ‘need’ to do: step into the Life Circles and contribute to the life entrance of their fellow man. And ask a free unburdened and unburdening currency (in credit) in return.

When you are in contact with a politician or bank manager or police officer or (well you get my drift…) invite them in your Entrance to LIfe circle group. (Probably you will have to face that they are not WILLING to do this: probably you will have to face they all refuse to live together with you and they will refuse your true (economical) value).

I am NOT saying that VanDerBeek (which sounds Dutch) is a fraud: I do not know this man. I am not saying that SWI is all fraud and I am not saying that OPPT is all fraud. I am not saying that Ubuntu (Michael Tellinger) is all fraud (Ubuntu in its essence is Equi Living Togetherness).

What I am saying is that they all are postponing and delaying, because they are refusing and suppressing the true living togetherness. Every child dying today is NOT necessary!

@Through hard work and creativity you could become independently wealthy and enjoy the fruits of your life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness however you chose to define it with the cooperation of constitutional government.

Now let shine the Light from the new reference point through this ‘old’ way of thinking!

@Through hard work and creativity, you could become independently?
NO you do NOT need to do hard work to BECOME independent and WEALTHY (greed)…
The new reference point is: Its your birthright to receive entrance to life (money) unconditionally and you have to DO NOTHING in return: you are independent, you do NOT have to BECOME that. They must STOP robbing your independency away from you.

@world class education
The new reference point is: world class education does NOT need to be created (like abundance does not need to be created but already IS): it is already here, but suppressed

The new reference point is: the true medical care is already here but suppressed deliberately.

@enjoy the fruits of your life
The new reference point is: let life flow in its own context for ALL of us and ALL will enjoy the fruits of their life. And if one is not enjoying that’s ok too, because that will be their own choice then: a viewpoint from I-in-We, not from the I (and the We, no from the I-IN-the We/Oneness). Your fruits are already yours but they are stolen from you also. They have to STOP robbing your fruits away from you.

@liberty etc.
The new reference point is: You are already a free living human being, a sovereign: you do not have to become that. From Natural Law you are perfectly capable of living your own life.

So the American dream is based on the ‘old’ sick psyche. The American dream as is stated in this document is not from the ‘new’ healed psyche. It is not.

@Join me in restoring liberty to this nation.
The new reference point: live freedom yourself, live from togetherness yourself. Do not restore freedom: LIVE freedom, do not create suppression and oppression anymore. LIVE it in your OWN life. He wants followers? And he is canalizing your (sexual) life force energy? Yes he is.

@I can say right now that I am prepared to fight to the death, endure torture, or a life in prison for your freedom and that of my children. What are you willing to do for your freedom?
The new reference point is: why being a martyr? For whom? For the ones refusing living together with you?
What is your job? Be the (em)bedder of a true living togetherness and life this your self. Contribute to each others free life entrance and accept the (economical) Value of each other. Communicate FROM this awareness, this new reference point.
Again he is canalizing your (sexual) life force energy and giving you hope, hope coming from outside yourself from him: he will be your savior. He is like Obama standing on the square saying vote for me and I will fix the worlds problems. He is putting you in a ‘waiting’ mode and he is making you a promise.
The transition is NOT about this and you all know already because you are attending my study group

@That is to go on a full offensive attack against your enemy, because you have nothing left to lose.
The new reference point is: you do not have to fight against ‘your enemy’. Simply leave your ‘enemy’. The ‘enemy’ can not stand the Light shining from the new reference point: a true living togetherness.

@The enemy we face is cowardly and unworthy
The new reference point is: The ‘enemy’ is in our ‘old’ sick psyche. They are the enemy who must be defeated: this is all division and putting you in a defensive and fighting mode. No you yourself do not create division and fighting in your own life anymore.

BTW I see the American flag on this website of David’s: does anyone knows the true symbolic meaning of this flag???? No look into Santos Bonacci teachings.

On the background are the words ‘keep calm’… Why are these words there?

The love shining through the ‘old’ sick psyche is coming from the ‘new’ paradigm, a true living togetherness, only. Can not be otherwise. Simply can not be. The ‘old’ can not stand the Love and the Light and this IS our protection.


@Nevada State Bank. All taxes that are taken in by the State will be funneled back into Nevada businesses in the form of low interest loans as is done in North Dakota who is enjoying record surpluses while lowering taxes.


  • This political agenda I recognize from so called ‘new’ political parties (in the Netherlands there was SOPN) , but this is NOT new at all!!

    The new reference point is already here for years. Our government (Netherlands) is informed. The banks are informed. The army is informed, The police is informed.

    They all refuse. Why???????

    Because ‘they’ want to keep you in the system! Consciously or unconsciously.
    @The Constitution requires that the State pay all of its debts in gold and silver. The Nevada State government can follow the Constitution and use the bank to own and store gold and silver in addition to the US Federal Reserve Note (i.e. the “Dollar”) to protect Nevada from any future currency crisis. Our bank can issue credit solely against that real capital rather than out of debt as the Federal Reserve does

    Again chasing the gold???

    And again NESARA in some form???

    Who benefit when all debts are payed? Think about this… Who truly benefit when all debts are payed????

    Will that be the ones with no food on the table, no shelter, having no cloth, etc??

    Or will that be the ones with BIG houses, BIG loans, BIG mortgages????

    For the ones REALLY and TRULY wants to comprehend this awareness I did set up this study group ‘awareness from Equi Living Togetherness’

    Is this about Equi? NO! This is about a true living togetherness, which is UBUNTU in its true essence (not the way Michael Tellinger is promoting Ubuntu).

Vitality and Equi Living Togetherness

Mike posted a video in my facebook group and I asked him what link he did perceive with the awareness from ‘Equi Living Togetherness’/the new reference point.

First I like to say thanks to Mike for making the video. Beautifully done.

Via my blog everyone can experience the discernment in ‘old money’ and the ‘new money’ coming from source and the Abundance principal and is the expression of our true living togetherness.

Abundance does mean there is enough for everyone, but there is not enough for ones greed.
Abundance does not mean giving away your surplus, because that’s very easy to do. When you go fishing and you catch 5 fishes, you need 3 and give away 2 and expect nothing in return: this doing is not an act from the heart of Abundance and there is no exchange in it neither.
Abundance does not mean that there could be no shortage, because there can be (when a crop fails due to weather circumstances for example): but from the heart of abundance you will share amongst each other what is available and everyone the same to begin with.
Because you want to meet each other in being alive together, you don’t feel any reason to hold things for yourself from that point of inner longing.

When I link the message in Mike’s video with ‘Equi Living Togetherness’, which is the ‘new living togetherness from a new reference point, I perceive that the talk is about ‘the vitality which is here again from living together from access to life’ (Life Entrance) versus ‘just living together from the wanting of money’ (which is lust and greed). What you are saying on the latter ‘when you still not comprehend this, you MUST come back in the next cycle in this shitty confusion on Earth’.

The ‘correctness’, Vitality, is what Equi Living Togetherness offers to each other, the (em)bedding to LIVE Vitality again.

Do you recognize that the Abundance principal ‘demands’ a true and active choice from all of us? When we DO make this choice from within the (em)bedding for Vitality (as a way of living) IS here and will remain here. You are talking from Vitality as we do from source, co creation, etc.

The only thing Mike has to do, is making the link ‘And when we DO comprehend (what is said in your talk)… we DO have awareness on ‘coming from ‘old money’ (on this blog you will find the truth about money and the discernment in ‘old money’ and ‘new money’) and making debts, how do we create, from the reality of the now, the (em)bedding back for our living togetherness, from which Vitality can lives herself again. You jump over this: blaming the ‘demon’ money which is saying ‘when you go after me and have trust in me I do have you by your balls’.

What I suggest you to do, is stepping out of the individual. Because YES: we DO comprehend.

So… what is the true and active act we MUST DO in the here now to be able to truly live together our Vitality in freedom again?

Well the answer is: this IS the awareness from Equi and Source.

Mike’s video

Equinomy and Sacred ‘Economics’ are not the same
Cause Equinomy is the Economics of Certainty and Her Choice is here for years already

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst
In our Normal Living Together on Earth

Economics of Certainty is explained in the e-book ‘Welcoming Each Other and Her Protection (vertaling in het Nederlands: ‘Elkaar Welkom Heten en Haar Bescherming‘. Deel 1 van het e-boek is vrijelijk beschikbaar).

Economics of Certainty is not an idea, nor a plan, but sprouts from an inner place and awareness where all can thrive on this planet together in peace and heart to heart connection. No agenda attached. Even no stories about each other attached. Nothing… of all this… Absolutely no divisiveness, that’s not from Economics of Certainty. No one is excluded. All are included.

Totally walking my talk from Oneness consciousness.

I am very committed to a natural living togetherness, because She is the organic living togetherness on Earth from Source Essence. i am and will be a staunch supporter of the earth and her organic life. any thing less. Not that many are coming from that place. I am a beholder of that Space (and with me some others are too). That’s why I see when people are not coming from that space. I am at peace. And I long to meet you at the other side of the bridge: I am there… Waiting… For a true Living Together on Earth… Hope you will not take to long.