Are You the New Earth?





Are You the New Earth? Are you really?
Protecting ourselves, Real World

Every source awareness is already back on earth.

It is no use anymore, trying to awaken people.

There is no awakening needed anymore.
Everything is already back in availability.
Not wanting to get all this in your life, is peoples choice, not their victimity.

Now New Earth, that we already are for a long time,
must stand for itself, must be honest to itself.

We are not in the position to ‘save’ the rest of the world, as if they are victimity.
They suppress us! They vote in secret chambers, tax us, want to define our togetherness and don’t stand for their own life entrance, that costs nothing, and make us bleed for this choice: tax us for everything that they feel shortage in because they keep on abandoning their own life entrance. The word that they are all afraid to use.

So… how big is the new earth really then, hey?

The people that keep on standing outside source, make themselves ‘they’.
This is not what we do, from source.
We don’t chose for distance.
We don’t chose for separation.
We don’t chose for aggressiveness in money.
We stand openly for the life entrance of our togetherness.
The truth of life: that’s source.

Staying outside there, is deliberately positioning yourself as ‘they’.
Seen from the source.

They suppress us.
We must take care of our sane reality, and stand for our togetherness.
OUR togetherness. Not that of ‘the world’… the world must stand for it themselves.

If ‘actually also willing’ is hidden in people,
then they will recognize themselves in us.

We must take care of our own sane reality, and be honest: the rest of the world is suppressing us. So, we don’t fight them. No, we say: ‘Create for yourself all the money you want, and heal’… and create life entrance money for us / accept it from us. We don’t need to heal. We already chose from love, even though we are still spitted out, our life entrance still dragged away.

Transition is in the Now.
Transition is As Is.
So included the sick psyche.

We can’t wait for the sick psyche to heal. It doesn’t and meanwhile it destroys further.
It will heal, when it does not have to do anything for the money they think they need….

So, we want our life entrance money,
and the sick psyche wants more….
well, let’s create it for them.
So it can stop slaughtering everything.

If you want to show your Parenthood too, within The New Generation Amongst Us? Well live from this awareness and communicate from this awareness.