Conscious Living on our Mother Earth

Conscious Living
Consious Living on our Mother Earth (English)

The Essence from a normal living together on Earth. The text below is the transcript of the video. Scroll down: the video is English subtitled)consciousliving




Equinomy and Sacred ‘Economics’ are not the same
Cause Equinomy is the Economics of Certainty and Her Choice is here for years already

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst
In our Normal Living Together on Earth

Economics of Certainty is not an idea, nor a plan, but sprouts from an inner place and awareness where all can thrive on this planet together in peace and heart to heart connection. No agenda attached. Even no stories about each other attached. Nothing… of all this… Absolutely no divisiveness, that’s not from Economics of Certainty. No one is excluded. All are included.

Totally walking my talk from Oneness consciousness.

I am very committed to a natural living togetherness, because She is the organic living togetherness on Earth from Source Essence. I am and will be a staunch supporter of the earth and her organic life. any thing less. Not that many are coming from that place. I am a beholder of that Space (and with me some others are too). That’s why I see when people are not coming from that space. I am at peace. And I long to meet you at the other side of the bridge: I am there… Waiting… For a true Living Together on Earth… Hope you will not take to long.

Normal Living Together on Earth
Back in early 2009 I envisioned a community. I felt I wanted to create a local community in a little place called Nieuweroord (Newer Place translated in English). I wanted to co-create a place where people could find everything f-rom conception to death in one place. Then I realized… that ALL is here already… the only thing we need to do is to connect them differently. So then I started to envision a global free community… a normal living together on Earth. A ‘New’ Earth which is the Original Earth. We live in the Natural World in which all are supported. Poverty and other societal issues are of an old, deconstructing, constructed paradigm, which is dying. We ARE the bridge to the ‘New’, the Original, Natural World in which All Are Invited. No one is excluded, nor left behind. All Are Included in the Organic World. The ‘New’ Earth is already here.

We do not create poverty and the current problems anymore: our money is already transformed in Existence Money. We Accept the Child’s Existence (Money). Make the inner choice to live together with every Child. Via the Non Banking Facilitation Platform Equi Place you see what is left out in our living together still. I invite you to embed the Next Generations

A short introduction of who I AM
I was born in Bergen op Zoom. I am the eldest daughter in a family with 7 girls. Although my parents never demanded this of me, I always felt a great responsibility for our family. I remember that as a young girl, I felt that I was the parent of my parents. I looked at my parents as if they were my children. In some kind of way this was confusing but at the same time it felt familiar. Now I can see that this turning things around bears some truth in it. Essentially I really am the parent of my parents. Deep in me there is a truth and a feeling of responsibility that made me want to lead my parents somewhere. I wanted to invite them to grow to a lighter reality.

This feeling of wanting to help my parents projected itself to the World. I felt I needed to help the world. Now I see that the truth is, that I am only responsible for those things that I (co)create in my own world and for the connections that I choose for in my world, with others and with everything that divers from me.

How I developed my vision from which I live now
During my quest and my development I met all kinds of entanglements that can be traced back to the triangle sex , love, money (in Dutch, use Google translate). Here sex stands for life force energy, our nature, and the way that everything exist of. Love stands for authentic love, connection to all that is. and money for the entrance to life, unconditionally.

In their essence these fields of energy are free from any entanglements or burdens. Unfortunatly this isn’t the reality anymore for a very long time already. Centuries ago a disbalance was born in these areas. With the result: entanglements and a confused state on a large scale.  These entanglements and confusion are by now (also on a large scale) embedded in the psyche of every person. Which is hardly recognized as such by most people. That’s the deep sadness about it, because when you don’t recognize something, it will linger on to exist.

The expression of the disbalance changes its format every time. Every next time even more subtle, and so every time more difficult to discern.

Together with Astrid van Triet I have enclosed the consciousness and awareness of unconditionally entrance to life and of a free living together that is not burdened artificially. Which has been a deepening process. We discovered the causes of getting into disbalance of the in their essence pure areas. And we discovered the essence of unconditional access to life. Earth, recources, each other, and free and unburdened living together.

What is free and unburdened Living Together
Vision yourself a beautiful mother spaceship, called, Earth. On her we see an abundant diversity of crops, medicinale herbs, trees and animals. In her body a diversity of raw materials which are inexhaustible. Furthermore I see human beings in all the diversity in size, thickness, colours and talents.





Earth is here for all of us. She does not belong to us, but she is here for us. Earth has enough space and capacity for all of us. There is abundance in and on Earth, sufficient for every earthling human, and animal. If humanity wants to make use of the Earth and of what the Earth creates, then humanity is responsible for proper management. You can’t possess the Earth, there’s nothing we can own, we have the earth in loan, in management. We are allowed to use her and to utilize her and we all have the same right: access to the Earth and her resources. This right belongs to all of us.

How do we express our unconditional right for access to the Earth and to her resources
Now, we have the Earth, our Mother, her resources, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and humanity that is here to live her talents. Every person has distinct and unique talents.

What every person needs, is being physical alive. For this we need healthy food and drinking water, a roof to live under warmth, and light which is offered to us by the Sun, our Father, and that has traditionally been recognized as the most important energy source. A person does not need anything more the rest is free creation.

If humanity has free access to the Earth and her resources then she can build a house on a piece of ground where she want to be for a while or for a longer time. People can start to cultivate the Earth getting raw materials out of the ground or make use of modern technological developments to generate energy. Every person does the things that he or she thinks is a good thing to do. There is a great diversity in activity, everyone in their own flow. One is baking bread, an other grows grain and an other one paints a nice painting or writes beautiful poems. And someone else composes the most beautiful pieces of music.

So, everyone is very nicely busy with living their lives, while living together with the ones that you want to live together with. Living together from a relaxed context is so very simple.

I explain with an example how I vision this conscious Living Together on Earth
From the Source I can mention a couple of possibilities of living together:
– You can choose to be self-sufficient. By which I mean that you grow your own grain get it from the land and bake bread from it. Grow your own vegetables, harvest them, get the seeds from them for the next season. Chop wood, for warmth or a different way to generate energy.

– You can choose to live in a self-sufficient community where everybody contributes what he or she wants to contribute and takes what he or she needs and no more then this.

– You can also choose to exchange amongst each other. You can exchange freely with each other: bread for a kale or what ever you agree upon together. So, in a direct way of exchanging.

– You can also choose together to use a medium of exchange so that you can more easily exchange amongst each other. In the same way as with the direct form of exchange, together you agree upon the value of a bread. Then you exchange a bread for, let’s say 10 exchange-units for example. The ones who want to exchange by means of a medium can agree together on the way the medium of exchange should work, how it is made available and how much will be made available. A free available, non-taxing medium of exchange like Equi for example.

The reality of the world is different then what I outline in my vision of Living on Earth
How could we move from our current reality to this non-burdening world? The access to the Earth, her resources and our life spirit is not free. The access to this all is taken in possession by rules and laws that rulers have placed over our natural, direct living together. By taxing the currency and the current fractional banking system, life is financially burdened. Besides this we burden each other emotionally mentally and spiritually as a result of the way we live together now.

From the Source you see that the deepest healing of this confiscation, is to restore the free access by abolishing the laws and rules that obstruct that obstruct unburdened living together or to let them just expire. Because the counter-forces, the powers that be (were because there is no powerlessness anymore), are not serving our Natural Rights according to Natural Universal Law I don’t expect this to happen in the here-and-now. But we can, in the here-and-now offer each other a basic compensation for the confiscation. Of course, this artificial compensation does not dissolve the confiscation itself.

We ourselves are the counter-value of this compensation. So no gold or silver or shares, no We OURSELVES are the VALUE. We bring this money (you could say coupons too) to the butcher and the baker pay our electricity bill with it, our rent or our mortgage etc. With the monthly basic compensation, Existence Money, you can be physically alive. And we create this amount ourselves from scratch. This costs nothing just one programming rule (Existence Money / Bestaansgeld) in a banking application so that every person will receive enough exchange units monthly. with which he or she can be physically alive. For this we don’t need to be taxed. Raising taxes is unnecessary ánd unlawful according to Natural Universal Law. From the awareness that we are Sovereign Beings, we can leave the actual burdening tax system as much as possible by no longer participate with it and by giving no energy to it anymore.

Again there is no powerlessness anymore because NOW we DO HAVE AND LIVE the consciousness Living on Earth: we walk our talk and every Being has to do his/her own inner work by which h/she will make, long to make, the choice of Living Together.

Money should work like Equi does.

From awareness you can come up with a lot of opportunities to do this. Without awareness there is no transformation.
For more background on this you can follow the homeschooling program from the New Paradigm ‘The New Earth Life Academy‘.

The program
Unit 1. The New Paradigm – Living together from togetherness and Life Entrance
Unit 2. Natural Law – Do No Harm
Unit 3. Real Life Case Studies

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Mascha Roedelof