Food for Thought







When you are someone promoting (new) politicians, governors, new projects (Venus project for example) etc. invite them to live together with you. Invite them to embed the Transition.

Now they are putting their fundraising in front of living together with you while promising you they will start to live together with you when they got selected or have their projects running and you will have your stolen life entrance back or you are able to live without money and you  never have to work again because of the new created technology? They are aware of the birth certificate fraud and they promise you to dissolve the problems you have in the here now…?

Well well, all that fundraising money could be a contribution to lots of peoples life entrance in the Here and Now!

I invite you to let sink in this awareness: there should be nothing put in front of our true living togetherness. From a true living togetherness most of the current problems in the old will be dissolved or transformed already. We do need no politicians or new projects for this. The moment our free life entrance is back most of the problems created in the old are gone. And from this new life experience on earth crowd power processes will unfold: we together as a crowd will co-create what we want to co-create. Do you comprehend the profound discernment?