‘I do not get it’

I do not get it’ (Living Togetherness)








Well that’s a statement from the ‘old psyche’ which is not WILLING to live together at all. Someone who is saying ‘I do not get it’ is not willing to do any effort in her/his own life: s/he is not letting in the new awareness but is in protection mode, re-acting. Probably you are not really done with the old, the current structures and systems (which are not doing anything themselves but the people in these structures and systems are feeding these), the pain and horror and suffering you see all around you…

When you feel the heartfelt longing ‘YES I truly WANT to live together’ then you are open minded from the choice you have made: you WANT to comprehend ‘it’ and you WILL DO the effort for this. You start investigating what the new awareness does mean in your own life. You want to make the new applicable in your own life. And then all in your ‘old psyche’ is being touched and start to move. Many things you will not grasp at once. You have to contemplate on them. Communicate. Ask questions and being open for the answer from the new. You are very much willing to do the effort because you made the choice from your inner heartfelt longing what living together from the new reference point is all about. So you take ownership of your own process which will ‘proceed’ in layers and circles, deeper and deeper… The new awareness need to be embodied and this goes step by step in your own life. When the new awareness is embodied you will perceive the world from a totally renewed point and from this you are capable of unfolding totally new area’s. When more and more people are co-creating from these totally new area’s co-creation will happen from the new, totally unknown area’s for all of us.

Our true living togetherness does not cost anything and is back within one day… That is… when humanity wants this to happen, when you and your fellow man wants this to happen… if not… well guess what? Then it will not happen of course.

This IS the transition we are in! Do you get this? The transformation is about our living togetherness. So not about a project, new politics, free energy, chasing gold backed up money, living without money/get rid of money… It is not about this at all: when you are still looking into the birth certificate fraud or feeling the necessity to get rid of money you are not done with the old at all.

All the awareness to grasp what I am saying in this posting is already freely available on the internet via this blog and other channels.

We Are All Invited… You Are Invited, but you must WANT to DO the effort.