Living Togetherness






English speaking persons could have difficulties to grasp the profound meaning of ‘living togetherness because they could ‘hear’ living together in a house or commune. But ‘living togetherness’ is not about that.

‘Living togetherness or truly living togetherness or living together’ does mean: living together in a normal way on earth, without written laws and rules, without all the incorporated bullshit, without corporations like our govts and the current banks are, without the birth certificate (fraud), without the old money system, the old structures, unnatural borders, etc. So ‘living togetherness’ covers ‘natural law’ or ‘tribal law’ and the birth certificate fraud/’reclaim your name’ also.

It also means that every ones needs are met: The One Programming Rule provides this. So the fact that our free life entrance, access to life is stolen from us, is restored. We do not need redistribution of old money for this and also no taxation.

In other words, living togetherness means: a true sharing and connection in true freedom connecting with the ones you want to connect with and co-creating what you want to co-create. You could say a living together in ‘inter-in-dependency’ also. There will be no collective burdening, abuse, etc. but harmony and mutual acknowledgement, ownership, do no harm, Natural Law and Tribal Traditions.

A true living togetherness does not mean that there should be no means of exchange anymore. There is no necessity of moving away from money. The old money is already transformed and re-invented.

Existence Money is not ‘an alternative system because of the coming collapse’.

Currencies are not going to make the change. Indeed. Because the transformation is NOT about money at all. The transition is about our true living togetherness. So, what we did, since 2006, was: starting to live together as it is supposed to be. And thus, this living together facilitates itself with all kind of stuff. Like for example: money that works exactly as it is supposed to be: available at a personal level, to be created by ourselves.

So, the choice for living together starts first
Existence Money is an implementation from the new. She is not here to clean the mess of the world that keeps on holding on to the old, and now is searching for something to clean up the mess of this holding on to the old. ‘New’ currency is not going to work for the transition, When you think of ‘new’ currency like this, you perceive ‘new’ currency from ‘the old’ and you position it wrongly.

Our inner structure is transformed and from our new inner structure we DO live together
‘new’ Existence Money says NOT that she is taking care of the transition. She is used by people who DID go into transition. Wanting to live together comes first.