Money is the matrix? Is it?

Still people think/belief that money is the matrix and we need a project to change this

But the transition is not about ‘money’, an ideal, a project, an organization or movement, or whatever…

It’s all about our living togetherness. And from our togetherness we comprehend what NEED to be ‘done’/transform.

We all NEED our stolen life entrance back.

Yes the current money is all matrix and legal, because the current money is the expression of shortage, control, steering, suppression, burdening and taxation, money in debt, stolen life entrance (things you NEED to be physically alive)

The new money (which is already here), you could also say ‘coupons’, is the expression of abundance, free flow (of life and (sexual) life force energy), steering from within/govern yourself, freedom, a shared life entrance, money in credit, free unconditional life entrance (the things you NEED to be physically alive

No need to chase gold and silver: these elements belong to the earth. We do not need gold backed up currency.

We just need a means of exchange: a currency that facilitates sharing/exchange and this currency/coupons are a crowd power facility. ICT facilitates the crowd in this way of living, a way of living from a shared live entrance. This currency/coupons are from the crowd, not an elite tool and a tool to ‘power over’.

Money or no money makes no difference when there has been no inner transmutation and the awareness of self respect: we are the value. As long as we do not comprehend that we will fall into the trap of slavery and putting authority and ‘power over’ us.

Please comprehend the transition is not about money at all, but about our living togetherness, and because entrance to life is occupied in the current money transition has to take place VIA the current money: so provide a monthly amount (euro 750,00 in the Netherlands) for everyone. This monthly amount is a compensation because free entrance to life is occupied. So it’s your birthright to receive this monthly amount unconditionally. Claim your birthright back, claim your stolen life entrance back: our ‘governments’ need to facilitate us, that’s their true task not to ‘power over’ us. We can start living together in circles, overlapping circles and all current structures and systems will transform or dissolve.

Ron Van Dyke says: The changes MUST be inside AND outside or it’s meaningless in actual experience.

And yes Ron is correct: from our renewed innerly ‘structure’, our renewed transformed psyche, our outer world needs to and will change too.

The ones who comprehend this are and will be the ‘parents’ of the New Earth': midwifes who help humanity to be born on ‘the New Earth’ by living the new themselves in their own togetherness.

Steve on facebook suggests: @a thought… ‘entrance to life’ could be ‘access to life’

Thanks Steve for suggestion

What I’m addressing is not about ‘you’, the ‘I’, its about our living togetherness. The truth is we are living from suppression. Living from togetherness is a totally different life experience (and we do not life this experience in the now). Its not about the ‘I’, its about the ‘I-in-We’ >> there’s a lot of hunger out there, people having no shelter, people being suppressed (and we all are). This needs to be restored to resolve the sick psyche. And the transition is already done.

We Are the New Earth