Spread the Principal of Life awareness

Spread the Principal of Life awareness in your own surroundings
Spread the awareness via little notes in supermarkets or in the streets or (well be creative…)

Living Together costs nothing and is back within one day. Our government is informed for years already. Nevertheless the govt continues to rob tax money, increase the pensionable age, increasing all kinds of suppression, and keep on pretending there are shortages.

Since 2006 this is seen through, but the govt persists in looking away scared as they are for this profound truth. You could have your free access to life within one day! But your govt REFUSES to facilitate your living together, our living together. Your govt does not care about your living together, our living together. Your govt rather let people starve and loosing their houses. Your govt rather protect the current burdening structures and systems. Your govt SHOULD protect your living together, our living together. But they still REFUSE. This is suppression.

Are you willing to be touched in your inner
When you want to learn more about the fact that your living together, our living together, is suppressed deliberately by politicians, health insurance companies, welfare, tax department, and so on and so on… simply because those people are to afraid to lose their free conveniences and let you pay for it, both financially/emotionally/mentally/spiritually/energetic: they are burdening you with taxation which is totally unnecessary and illegal too… you have to bleed, your living together and our living together have to bleed… This is deep deep suppression and aggression too

Equinomy and Sacred ‘Economics’ are not the same
Cause Equinomy is the Economics of Certainty and Her Choice is here for years already

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst
In our Normal Living Together on Earth

(This is an inspirational text which you can use freely but you are free to say this in your own words too of course and we very much like to hear/read your inspirational texts)

Learn more?

The New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm (homeschooling, both English and Dutch)

We embed the Transition: As long as the govts REFUSE to facilitate our living together we facilitate ourselves. This is what we SHOULD DO: we do not need govts, we NEED governing ourselves. But again: the whole world is REFUSING to live together. Do YOU?









Image suppression Left is saying: they are separating THEMSELVES keeping on discussing our living together Right is saying: we ARE this, we ARE living together, we ARE sovereigns. But she is REFUSED and CUT OUT by the suppressors The middle is saying: you choose YES or NO to living together