The new reference point









Do you recognize the new reference point by now?
The new reference point, from source, which is already amongst us? Do you recognize this? Are you aware that a free living togetherness does not cost anything: no redirection of the ‘old’ money, no taxation (which is all illegal and not necessary at all)?

Do you comprehend that the true living togetherness could be here within one day, that we do not have to wait for anything: not for the gold backed up money (we could talk about the allegory of the gold = our Transcendental Soul), not for a project, free energy, being more lovable, becoming more spiritual, enlightenment…? Do you comprehend this all by now?

From the new reference point everything transforms and does not explode into chaos. Its essential to perceive FROM this new reference point. From this new reference point you will have the immediate discernment what is coming from source and what is not. The Light of source will shine through all documents, videos, talks, projects, political parties, movements, etc.

Again perceived from the new reference point our free access to life, our true living togetherness, does not cost anything and is back within one day. The One Programming Rule proves this: create sufficient money numbers for all humanity to be alive physically. This could be done within one day and does not cost anything but a choice/facilitation. That’s all! Entrance money for that what we really need: 1) access to life, and 2) healthcare.

So you are not being rewarded with the x-money numbers of your value: this has nothing to do with You Are The Value.

Why x? in money numbers?: the x? is the amount you need to be physically alive. When we would need 1000,00 then we create those money numbers a month. When we would need 500,00 then 500,00 etc. This is why the amount of money you are able to create monthly in Money Place (Equi) is flexible, because the amount you need depends on the country you live in and even the area you live.

These money numbers are the restoration for the fact that our free life entrance is stolen. When we would have free life entrance, when we would live together from a free unburdened, unburdening, and shared life entrance (Ubuntu in essence) then these money numbers as a restoration would not be necessary.

So our life entrance is occupied, stolen, and that’s why we need the restoration. That’s why you need to stand for the One Programming Rule. That’s why you need to become aware who you really are.

The transformation is not about money at all and is not a project, a concept, an idea, its not about savings for your children or/and grandchildren, etc., but about our living togetherness, about knowing who we really are, about becoming aware of the All Law and the essence of Ubuntu (which is life in its own context) and BEING the causal effect for the New Generation.

The choice you have to make, is: do you really long to connect from the new reference point? Maybe you do not comprehend it completely already, but there must be a feeling of recognition and resonance by now.

We Are All Invited
(Today we are celebrating Earth Day and our Mother invites us all. The choice to celebrate her is ours)