Vitality and Equi Living Togetherness

Mike posted a video in my facebook group and I asked him what link he did perceive with the awareness from ‘Equi Living Togetherness’/the new reference point.

First I like to say thanks to Mike for making the video. Beautifully done.

Via my blog everyone can experience the discernment in ‘old money’ and the ‘new money’ coming from source and the Abundance principal and is the expression of our true living togetherness.

Abundance does mean there is enough for everyone, but there is not enough for ones greed.
Abundance does not mean giving away your surplus, because that’s very easy to do. When you go fishing and you catch 5 fishes, you need 3 and give away 2 and expect nothing in return: this doing is not an act from the heart of Abundance and there is no exchange in it neither.
Abundance does not mean that there could be no shortage, because there can be (when a crop fails due to weather circumstances for example): but from the heart of abundance you will share amongst each other what is available and everyone the same to begin with.
Because you want to meet each other in being alive together, you don’t feel any reason to hold things for yourself from that point of inner longing.

When I link the message in Mike’s video with ‘Equi Living Togetherness’, which is the ‘new living togetherness from a new reference point, I perceive that the talk is about ‘the vitality which is here again from living together from access to life’ (Life Entrance) versus ‘just living together from the wanting of money’ (which is lust and greed). What you are saying on the latter ‘when you still not comprehend this, you MUST come back in the next cycle in this shitty confusion on Earth’.

The ‘correctness’, Vitality, is what Equi Living Togetherness offers to each other, the (em)bedding to LIVE Vitality again.

Do you recognize that the Abundance principal ‘demands’ a true and active choice from all of us? When we DO make this choice from within the (em)bedding for Vitality (as a way of living) IS here and will remain here. You are talking from Vitality as we do from source, co creation, etc.

The only thing Mike has to do, is making the link ‘And when we DO comprehend (what is said in your talk)… we DO have awareness on ‘coming from ‘old money’ (on this blog you will find the truth about money and the discernment in ‘old money’ and ‘new money’) and making debts, how do we create, from the reality of the now, the (em)bedding back for our living togetherness, from which Vitality can lives herself again. You jump over this: blaming the ‘demon’ money which is saying ‘when you go after me and have trust in me I do have you by your balls’.

What I suggest you to do, is stepping out of the individual. Because YES: we DO comprehend.

So… what is the true and active act we MUST DO in the here now to be able to truly live together our Vitality in freedom again?

Well the answer is: this IS the awareness from Equi and Source.

Mike’s video

Equinomy and Sacred ‘Economics’ are not the same
Cause Equinomy is the Economics of Certainty and Her Choice is here for years already

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst
In our Normal Living Together on Earth

Economics of Certainty is explained in the e-book ‘Welcoming Each Other and Her Protection (vertaling in het Nederlands: ‘Elkaar Welkom Heten en Haar Bescherming‘. Deel 1 van het e-boek is vrijelijk beschikbaar).

Economics of Certainty is not an idea, nor a plan, but sprouts from an inner place and awareness where all can thrive on this planet together in peace and heart to heart connection. No agenda attached. Even no stories about each other attached. Nothing… of all this… Absolutely no divisiveness, that’s not from Economics of Certainty. No one is excluded. All are included.

Totally walking my talk from Oneness consciousness.

I am very committed to a natural living togetherness, because She is the organic living togetherness on Earth from Source Essence. i am and will be a staunch supporter of the earth and her organic life. any thing less. Not that many are coming from that place. I am a beholder of that Space (and with me some others are too). That’s why I see when people are not coming from that space. I am at peace. And I long to meet you at the other side of the bridge: I am there… Waiting… For a true Living Together on Earth… Hope you will not take to long.