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Natural Law or Tribal Traditions








‘Common Law’ is still slavery law, used to justify the genocide of indigenous peoples. It pre-dated Statutory Law, from which Statutory and Civil Law come. The misunderstanding of Common Law comes from Kevin Annett’s Manual on Common Law. A brief history of Common Law.

Brehon Law is a form of Oral Tribal Tradition and would count as Tribal Law. Anything Oral that derives from the culture in which it is practiced would be considered Tribal Law. To call it ‘law’ is really inaccurate because the traditions are handed down in the form of stories and support the ‘Living Togetherness’ of the community.

We can use the term Natural Law. Which we can all define as do no harm. Both Natural Law (in nature there is a law and hierarchy) and Tribal Traditions work for me to express Natural Law/Cosmic Law in a true living togetherness.







Taxing is Illegal and unlawful according to Natural Law/Cosmic Law/the All Law

Politicians know this already. At least in Europe they do. And perceiving from this video people in America have awareness too on this issue.

‘They’ try to contract us by saying US citizens, but when you are aware of the birth certificate fraud you are conscious you are not your birth certificate and that it is all fraud. We are not citizens, we are living human beings (spiritual beings having experiences in a physical body).

Furthermore tax money is not necessary at all: all we NEED we can create out of thin air… The ‘new money’ we can create out of thin air and there is no taxation or redistribution of ‘old money’ needed at all. This is a lie too.

Look on my blogs for in-depth awareness on a true living togetherness which costs nothing and is back within one day.

We need to grow into our discernment in ‘old money’ and ‘new money’ too because otherwise we drag the ‘old’ in our psyche (and therefor our outer world) into the ‘new’.

In short: ‘old money’ is the expression of lack, shortage, division, hate, inequity and inequality, control, steering, governments, power over, suppression, oppression, rules and laws which are the layers over our direct living togetherness, taxation, debt, the Secret (and other money workshops and success workshops which has nothing to do with the Abundance principal: they will learn you how to pull money and success towards you. These are all techniques based on the shortage principal and fear).

‘New money’ is the expression of abundance, oneness, love, equity and equality, freedom, self governance, inner strength, coming from source, crowd power facility, plain means of exchange, credits/coupons, no taxation, is unburdening and unburdened on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically), letting life flow in its own context.

‘New money’ has nothing to do with ‘a local currency’. ‘New Existence Money’ is the transmutated form of our money, from a right perception of ourselves and our togetherness: they are one and the same: equivalent: Existence Money. This does not dissolve the collective problems, no, by Existence Money (the expression of our life entrance) we don’t create these problems any more. Life has back her own entrance to life, which costs nothing. A ‘new facilitation platform’ facilitates the use of Existence Money and has dissolved banks, 90% of government which have to transform into facilitating bureaus, the welfare bureau, health insurance companies, and a lot of communicipality work. And most important all poverty: is gone, because we don’t create it anymore.

There is no copyright and patent on Equi Living Togetherness and the currency Equi.
No copyright indeed when you comprehend ‘Out the One are the many’ instead of ‘out the many is the one’.
So everything coming from source, the One, (just like we ourselves human beings are) is without copyright: the copyright just can not be there. Equi, writing numbers of value in a notebook, living without money, coupons, contributionism (Ubuntu in its essence), etc.,. etc… there can not be copyright on it and it can not be taxed in any way. And all written laws are legal dead fictions.

Recognition old and new living togetherness
You recognize the ‘old’ by
Fear, Depression, Psychosis, Schizophrenia
Sacrifice, Suppression and Oppression
The Secret

You recognize the ‘new’ by
Inner peace
With ease, effortless
Letting each Other exist (stand) in freedom, no taxes added, no load added
The Abundance Principal
Co-creation out of passion (Supra Sex)





Equinomy and Sacred ‘Economics’ are not the same
Cause Equinomy is the Economics of Certainty and Her Choice is here for years already

The Gift is IN the Awareness that We Welcome Each Other in our Midst
In our Normal Living Together on Earth

Economics of Certainty is explained in the e-book ‘Welcoming Each Other and Her Protection (vertaling in het Nederlands: ‘Elkaar Welkom Heten en Haar Bescherming‘. Deel 1 van het e-boek is vrijelijk beschikbaar).

Economics of Certainty is not an idea, nor a plan, but sprouts from an inner place and awareness where all can thrive on this planet together in peace and heart to heart connection. No agenda attached. Even no stories about each other attached. Nothing… of all this… Absolutely no divisiveness, that’s not from Economics of Certainty. No one is excluded. All are included.

Totally walking my talk from Oneness consciousness.

I am very committed to a natural living togetherness, because She is the organic living togetherness on Earth from Source Essence. i am and will be a staunch supporter of the earth and her organic life. any thing less. Not that many are coming from that place. I am a beholder of that Space (and with me some others are too). That’s why I see when people are not coming from that space. I am at peace. And I long to meet you at the other side of the bridge: I am there… Waiting… For a true Living Together on Earth… Hope you will not take to long.






A huge availability of ‘old’ money







I feel a new religion coming (its already here) but this religion is also false

Also when you experience total freedom from the current ‘old’ money this money is the expression of lack and is causing poverty and inequity among people: because its in the money creation moment.

The current money is the expression of lack, power over, control, poverty, government in stead of governance… No matter what your relationship with this kind of money is: the current money does not facilitate our living together. This is no coincidence, the is knowingly installed on Earth to enslave us. This is reality and your relationship with this ‘old’ money does not change nor transform anything. Period.

The evil and inequity, relating to money, is in the creation moment of the current money

People who already have enough are able to create tons of money for themselves for mortgages. People who do not have anything are not able to do so: they are pushed out of the equation… Since long this is the truth and this inequity must stop NOW.

So the creation moment of the money must change: no longer money creation for mortgages… no longer money creation in debt.

The creation moment should be: Existence Money for all humanity

The deepest evil is our robbed direct access to Earth, Her resources and each other talents and this must be corrected: we correct this via Existence Money. So for all humanity the same amount (depending on where on Earth you live because you need less in India then in Germany)… Enough money numbers to get our basic needs met. No longer money creation for the ‘have’s’ only.

We need to stop creating poverty, lack, inequity among our fellow humans.

So its not in the relationship to the current money that counts. Its in your normal living together on Earth… Its in your relationship with your fellow human that counts. And money should work as a facilitation means. But the current money does not do that (because of the way he is created).

Money is already transformed. But the transformed money is refused. By the governments: they refuse to facilitate our living together. And also by humans: humans are now saying that its in the relationship with the current money that counts. No that’s not true and does not do anything for the ones who are offered now in our living together, who are pushed out of the equation, and who are suffering. Are YOU ready to transmute and to do the inner work?

Allow Yourself 2016 because its all about your consciousness

(Gun Jezelf 2016: voor Nederlandse vertaling scroll naar beneden via deze link.)

Originally the title said: ‘Allow each other 2016′. But this is essentially false.The meaning of ‘Each other’ is still hacked in peoples psyche you see. So its truly about YOU only. The meaning of ‘Each other’ is explained via The New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm and in the e-book ‘Welcoming Each Other and Her Protection‘ (deel 1 van dit boek is vrijelijk beschikbaar in het Nederlands en zal te zijner tijd vertaald worden naar het Engels.)

Allow Yourself 2016


The availability of ‘old’ money

Let me address a very rich person who has lots of ‘old money’ here as a huge availability of ‘old’ money, then the message of that aware rich person is: we want the world to be able to live together and thus we make this money (and gold etc.) available. Well, that’s great.

But… this misses the new reference point. Existence Money means that every person can create enough money to be alive. Like in the Netherlands that is 750-1000. This MUST be part of the ‘rich persons’ transition: the very fact that every person can create there own money monthly, equivalent to being alive. And with this equivalent money (Existence Money), you can buy exactly what you need. So… with the ‘very rich person’ it does not matter anymore that the old system is suppressing us, because, with our ‘new’ currencies, we then can buy monthly enough old money at that ‘very rich person’. And this way we are alive from our ‘new’ currencies. And thus do we not need to work for euro’s (dollars) anymore, no, we can ask ‘new’ currencies among each other.




Existence Money is NOT an alternative system nor a plan or ideology. It is the transmutated from of our ‘old’ money. And thus we just exchange Existence Money and euro (dollar) where needed. So that ‘very rich person’ should not say: we make a back up for all kinds of currencies. No, she must say: everybody can pay with their ‘new’ currency for our ‘old money’. It’s the only thing that is needed. You do not need Money Place for it. That ‘very rich person’ can build her/his own ‘new Existence Money’ currency Facilitation Platform. There is no copy right on Equi Living Togetherness: could not be, everything coming from Source, The One… there can not be copy right or patent on it… Mother Nature does not use copy right on Her free flow(ering).

Money or no money?

Money or no money makes no difference when there has been no inner transmutation and the awareness of self respect: we are the value. As long as we do not comprehend that we will fall into the trap of slavery and putting authority and ‘power over’ us.

Labor (your life force energy) and free entrance to life unconditionally are not interrelated in any way. Very important to address this correctly and to let this sink in in the deepest level of your awareness.

Free life entrance unconditionally is our birthright. This is an inner awareness which you recognize in yourself as truth (about Life, so you understand this isn’t an idea or something of your mind). The moment you recognize this awareness, you will start to claim your birthright. And you start communicating from this awareness to yourself, your (direct) surroundings, and you will develop discernment in what truly comes into being from a free and untaxed living together and what not.

So provide a monthly amount (euro 750,00 – 1000,00 in the Netherlands) for everyone. This monthly amount is a compensation because free entrance to life is occupied. So it’s your birthright to receive this monthly amount unconditionally and you don’t have to DO (no labor/work) nothing in return. This is very important to comprehend. Of course you can (and probably will) contribute your talents (your life force energy) to our living together. But not on demand, but from free will in any way you like/wish. That’s big difference.

So you are not being rewarded with ‘new’ Existence Money 750,00 – 1000,00 of your value: this is total bs and has nothing to do with You Are The Value.

Why 750,00 – 1000,00 in money numbers?: this is the amount you need to be physically alive, to get your basic needs met. When we would need 1500,00 then we create those money numbers a month. When we would need 500,00 then 500,00 etc. This is why the amount of money you are able to create monthly via the Equi Place Platform is flexible, because the amount you need depends on the country you live in and even the area you live.

These money numbers are the restoration for the fact that our free life entrance is stolen. When we would have free direct access to Earth, her resources and each others talents…, when we would live together from a free unburdened, unburdening, and shared life entrance (Ubuntu in essence) then these money numbers as a restoration would not be necessary.

So our life entrance is occupied, stolen, and that’s why we need the restoration. That’s why you need to stand for the One Programming Rule. That’s why you need to become aware who you really are.

The transformation is not about money at all and is not a project, a concept, an idea, its not about savings for your children or/and grandchildren, etc., but about our living togetherness, about knowing who we really are, about becoming aware of the All Law and the essence of Ubuntu (which is life in its own context) and BEING the causal effect for the New Generation.

We Are the NEw Earth