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Spiritual War and Transmutation





We are in the middle of a spiritual war, not a materialistic one and its all about our (sexual) life force energy.

If we all act on our own signing authority, then the system collapses and we will realize we did not need it in the first place. All male and female are equal once they tap into their signing authority in equity, cause we all have equal (equity) rights and unlimited value. Then the clowns that think they have authority over the masses, well they have to disappear and their egos taken down a few notches. All they can manipulate is legal signing authority, but once each male and female moves into equity, then the game is over for them.

Legal or public or people, all the same… groups, corporations, governments… followers and leaders… This is public domain, not equitable domain. In equity, each individual is their own sovereign nation state, self governing, etc

But when you hear ‘the one people’, ‘we the people’, stay away from this as this is public legal manipulation, grouping all souls into one, that is how one can think they have signing authority over 7 billion.

We are in the middle of a spiritual war and its all about Knowing Thyself and Inner Alchemy, which is the true transmutation. Then You Are in Your Own Individual Power and start living from a true togetherness and sharing with Your Morther Earth and in alignment with All There Is. No more manipulation, no more harvesting of your (sexual) life force energy. Just you flowing wherever life wishes you to flow(er).

On July 25th all Platforms including Equi Place are dissolved but her awareness is STILL very much ALIVE of course.

The Truth of Life was always here, is here NOW, and will be here always. The flexibility of Life, Life flowing in her own context, no interference, just let her BE.

In November 2015 we co-created new Platforms and new video series and provided the wonderful facilities Equi Place offered. We always are coming from the Reality of the NOW.

We ARE the New Earth

‘I do not get it’

I do not get it’ (Living Togetherness)








Well that’s a statement from the ‘old psyche’ which is not WILLING to live together at all. Someone who is saying ‘I do not get it’ is not willing to do any effort in her/his own life: s/he is not letting in the new awareness but is in protection mode, re-acting. Probably you are not really done with the old, the current structures and systems (which are not doing anything themselves but the people in these structures and systems are feeding these), the pain and horror and suffering you see all around you…

When you feel the heartfelt longing ‘YES I truly WANT to live together’ then you are open minded from the choice you have made: you WANT to comprehend ‘it’ and you WILL DO the effort for this. You start investigating what the new awareness does mean in your own life. You want to make the new applicable in your own life. And then all in your ‘old psyche’ is being touched and start to move. Many things you will not grasp at once. You have to contemplate on them. Communicate. Ask questions and being open for the answer from the new. You are very much willing to do the effort because you made the choice from your inner heartfelt longing what living together from the new reference point is all about. So you take ownership of your own process which will ‘proceed’ in layers and circles, deeper and deeper… The new awareness need to be embodied and this goes step by step in your own life. When the new awareness is embodied you will perceive the world from a totally renewed point and from this you are capable of unfolding totally new area’s. When more and more people are co-creating from these totally new area’s co-creation will happen from the new, totally unknown area’s for all of us.

Our true living togetherness does not cost anything and is back within one day… That is… when humanity wants this to happen, when you and your fellow man wants this to happen… if not… well guess what? Then it will not happen of course.

This IS the transition we are in! Do you get this? The transformation is about our living togetherness. So not about a project, new politics, free energy, chasing gold backed up money, living without money/get rid of money… It is not about this at all: when you are still looking into the birth certificate fraud or feeling the necessity to get rid of money you are not done with the old at all.

All the awareness to grasp what I am saying in this posting is already freely available on the internet via this blog and other channels.

We Are All Invited… You Are Invited, but you must WANT to DO the effort.

Are you on the Transition Team already?








The ones still in protection mode of the old (problems created from the old psyche) will drag the old into the new and that’s an abusive act done to the new awareness which is back on Earth already, that’s hijacking and occupying Source again! And walking in circles around Source again. At the edge of Source its very busy. So many are not taking the last step into their own Source.

We are on the Transition Team: we really are. We are done with the old. We are not in protection mode to the old systems and structures and peoples mind set from the old.

We can pick up people’s old mindset from the new and point out where they are coming from the old and not from the new. When people are not touchable they will perceive this as arguing or debating or competing.

The ones who are on the Transition Team are not off the grid in the outer world, because they are living in the old also. These ones are totally done with the old in their inner and are perceiving the reality of the now from the new awareness and because of that you perceive the problems created in the old by the old totally different and you refer to them totally different from the new. For example the old is dealing with the birth certificate fraud, but perceived from the new their is NO birth certificate… so also no fraud. Do you understand this? Yes in the old the birth certificate fraud is here and is here still. So I invite you to perceive from the new: there are no birth certificate in the new world. There are no passports in the new world. There are no drivings license in the new world. There are no countries as corporations in the new world. There are no banks as we know them in the new world. There are no govts as we know them in the new world. There is no poorness in the new world. There is no richness as we know it in the new world. There is no competition in the new world, but harmony. There is no taxation in the new world. There is no burdening in the new world. There is no welfare in the new world. There are no police officers in the new world. Etc., etc…

Yes in the reality of the now, in the transition we are in, we need old money to survive: that’s why We embed the Transition.

All politicians are ‘only one human being’ and you will recognize if they are standing for the new and speaking from the new awareness or the old. One politician standing for the new and speaking from the new embeds the Transition and IS living together with his/her fellow man. Only then this (wo)man will be on the Transition Team also and is contributing to the transition we are in. Election and winning the election putting in front of a true living togetherness is from the old. He has to live together in the HERE NOW. Then he is on the Transition Team and open to receive the new awareness fully. The transitional steps are here too already.

Its about the governor himself! It about yourself! So it has nothing to do with elite manipulating the election. The governor IS speaking from the new all way long from the beginning already. The governor is working with a team and has people supporting and co creating with him: they all should stand for their free life entrance and embed the Transition and they should contribute to each others life entrance. Then they are on the Transition Team and walking their talk. Only then they are speaking ‘new’.

No this crowd s/he is co creating with, would truly live together and co-create what they want to co-create.

This goes for all movements, projects, interviewers, speakers, etc..

Everybody who does not want to be a sleepwalker anymore, and is not in protection mode for the old… is invited to connect and share with me and to truly live together with me


Facebook Global Co Creation Community – Circle of Life

In this group you will find the transitional steps we have to make in our own lives when we long to live together from free entrance to life unconditionally: a free unburdened and unburdening livingtogetherness with our fellow man and our beautiful spaceship Mother Earth.

Yes, we ALL NEED a a shelter, food, clean drinking water, warmth etc. And in the here now we NEED currency for that. Entrance to life is stored in currency: so we can provide ourselves enough currency to be physically alive. This will solve all poverty, because you will receive enough currency monthly you really need to be physically alive.

If in the FUTURE there will be a living together without money/currency…? That’s a possibilaty but not a necessity: we have free choice to use a clean free unburdened and unburdening currency like Equi is. But in the here now life entrance is stored in euro (Netherlands). So we pleed for the one programmingrule in bankapplications. Our ‘government’ has to facilitate us. Ofcourse we all know that they are not doing that. But they should. So we send them letters in which we communicate the truth. The police and military has to protect us. But they do not (yet). So we send them letters in which we communicate this truth. The taxingcorporation is illegal and we have informed them also: taxing is illegal.

Our ‘government’ (Netherlands) knows this truth for years now, but let us down. Again and again. The banks are informed. Everybody is. But they are very scared of this truth, bc with one programmingrule everyone in the Netherlands (but worldwide also) has his/her life entrance back. And there will be no poverty anymore, nobody becomes homeless anymore bc they receive enough currency to be alive etc.

The currency we need to be alive we can create ourselves out of nothing: a monthly amount of 750 or 1000. Just a number. And a non-recurrent amount of 100.000,00 of whatever to repay debts, loans, mortgages. And for the ones who have no debts also. No need to back up this currency with gold. That’s true awareness about currency. We ourselves are the countervalue of currency: the monthly amount we need to be physically alive is the countervalue of currency (so not our labour either). From this you comprehend there will always be enough for everyone. And with every transaction 1/1000 disolves bc we do not live forever.

So communicate and reclaim your life entrance. There is no lack on earth. While implementing the one programmingrule the ‘government’ has to announce nobody becoming homeless, or gas/electricity will be closed of, etc. Police and military must start to protect us etc. The patriarchy psyche in all of us (both man and woman) has to grow up.

Among us there are grown up conscious beings and they must start living together from shared entrance to life and contribute to the life entrance of others.

There’s no more waiting. Not even for a new system (a system in credit is already here: equi-place.net). Not for becoming more enlightened lovable beings. We are already here on earth. We are good enough to reclaim our birthright: being physically alive on this beautiful spaceship Mother Earth.

Start living together from a shared living togetherness. Be a grown up and start living together like this. Do not wait for anything and start/keep on communicating from true awareness.

Please stay on topic in this group. I know groupdescription is in Dutch but I think you grasp what this group is about. I will explain in short: this group is about living together from free entrance to life unburdened and unburdening. And crowd power from this awareness.

People will have to look in other groups when they want to read about the federal being a contract, government being controlled church, the flu, basiscincome etc. So please remove your posts.

We have done all this work and we are aware of it. When others are not they can research the information on this topics. All is out there.


We Are Alle Invited and We Are All Connected

Facebook groep Global Co Creation Community – Circle of Life