Abundance IS and does not need to be created nor attracted to you

Still, or perhaps right now, money is surrounded by taboos, it’s thought of only as means of power and control, it is found shameful if you are in need of money, and is money limited to taxing one another physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. These illusionary ideas lead to much frustration in our living together. That is such a shame, because it can be so very different from the heart, the essence of Abundance…

Perhaps the most important illusionary idea is that you think your life will only be great if you can attract (The Secret) sufficient funds to you. That you need all sorts of tips and techniques to create abundance for yourself. That you’re doing something wrong because you are not experiencing abundance in your life. Because it is you who is unable, for whatever reason, to attract enough money to you. You can then feel guilt or shame, because you experience lack and shortage in your life (because of a substantial deficit). By looking outside yourself to abundance you give away your ownership over your Free Life, and your own way of experiencing Life and celebrating Freedom. The realization that you are abundance that you are Source Power, is the basis of a satisfactory and mature way of experiencing abundance and connect from there, as a true sharing/connection/exchange, with the other.

You can only give from your Source what you have recognized and acknowledged in yourSelf and thus really have adopted in yourself. From Source Power you will make lighter and more life-Giving choices for yourself. If you have acknowledged yourself as Source Power then you don’t compromise and you will not settle for anything less than what you truly deeply desire, especially in living unburdened freely together. As an energetically Free Human, you would like to connect with other energetically Free Humans.

You then naturally desire deeply to support each other and really embed each other in free living together. Feelings of lack, jealousy, and dependent behavior are no longer needed. You just don’t know these things anymore. Not because you have transcended yourself above these feelings, nor because ‘they are allowed to be just there’ (but yes: that too: these feelings are allowed to be there). No, it is because of the real new experience, the essential (em)bedding of each other’s free Living, that these feelings are just not there anymore.

Giving each other unconditionally embedding… embedding in a free Living together, that is what is needed. Then all outward projecting stops and then you can heal. Healing is a direct result of unconditional embedding each other in an unburdened living together. Then you will also be able to see that it is about living Life (instead of coping and surviving), and enjoying Life… Enjoying the Beauty of Life in a true connection and sharing with yourSelf, others, and nature. You discover that you are abundance…









I need to address a comment on the Abundance principal and my response to that from true Abundance

Someone was saying
@All create there own Abundance and you can feel Abundance in lack too. Then that’s your experience according to your resonance/frequency, because you do attract your own experience of lack.

I believe we all create our circumstances but there is no judgment involved. One who creates an abundance of lack is not doing something wrong. All circumstances are equally valid. Some however create circumstances they say they don’t prefer but keep resonating with nevertheless. There is little point in telling others to be more generous in order to quench ones own thirst. It would only emphasize the feeling of not having enough and thus create more unsatisfied needs. Again, there is no judgment here. It is an explanation how this works. All choices should be respected.

My response from true Abundance
I do not agree that everyone creates there own reality, because in my awareness that simply is not true. In the past I have written a column about ‘responsibility‘ (which is in Dutch you could use google translate but you will get a mixed up translation probably).

I try to translate in short (and when someone feels h/she wants to translate the complete article you are very welcome):
@Je kunt natuurlijk alleen maar verantwoordelijk zijn voor je eigen gedachte-intenties. Niet voor die van anderen. Je kunt natuurlijk ook alleen maar verantwoordelijk zijn voor de keuzes die JIJ zelf maakt in jouw eigen leven. Als iemand jou een kogel door je hoofd schiet, ben niet jij daar verantwoordelijk voor (zoals ik hierboven schrijf kun je dit vanuit karma anders benaderen), maar de schutter. Hoe de schutter tot zijn daad komt, kan dan weer vanuit zijn achtergrond bekeken en begrepen worden. Begrip is wat anders als dat de schutter niet verantwoordelijk zou zijn voor zijn gedrag. Dat is hij wel. Een soldaat die zich de oorlog in laat sturen, is verantwoordelijk voor zijn keuze. Een politicus is verantwoordelijk voor zijn keuze de bevolking te willen aansturen, besturen, beïnvloeden. De bevolking is verantwoordelijk voor haar keuze de macht uit handen te geven aan degenen die over hen willen regeren.

Zo ook is de mens in eigen leven verantwoordelijk voor de keuze shit, honger, en oorlog in de wereld te laten bestaan. Zolang je jouw macht uit handen geeft aan hen die onderdrukken, ben jij daar zelf verantwoordelijk voor. Niet de onderdrukkers. Ja vanzelfsprekend zijn zij verantwoordelijk voor hun keuze te onderdrukken, maar dat kunnen ze alleen maar doen als de onderdrukten dat toestaan. 1% van de wereldbevolking zou de macht hebben over 99%. Hoe is dat mogelijk? Dat is slechts mogelijk doordat 99% die 1% de macht geeft. Stop met je de oorlog in te laten sturen, stop met het toedienen van allopathische middelen die mensen afhankelijk en uiteindelijk vervroegd dood maken, stop met werken in instituten en structuren die anderen belasten…

I do not agree that ‘the world’ is makable. I do not agree that ‘your own individual situation’ is makable. Yes partly it is. You are responsible for your own intentions (which starts in your heart-mind). You are not responsible for the ones of others. You are responsible for your own choices in your own life, not for the ones of others. When someone is shoots a bullet through your head, you are not responsible, the other is (from the idea of karma you could perceive this different on an individual level). You could have compassion with the shooter, but he is responsible for his act of course. A soldier which is going to war is responsible for doing so and following the orders. A politician is responsible for his/her choice to steer, suppress, and influencing ‘citizens’ (we are no citizens and we are perfectly capable of self governance). The crowd is responsible for their choice to give away her power to the ones who long to ‘power over’.

A human being is responsible for the choice to let excist the shit, hunger, and war in his OWN life. As long as you give away your power you are responsible being suppressed. Not the suppressor. Yes of course h/she is responsible for the suppression. So yes stop following orders and going to war, stop giving allopatic ‘medicine’ like chemotherapy which are killing people instead of curing them, stop working in the institutes and structures which are suppressing and burdening us


Our life entrance is stolen from us. Life is not in its own context. This is the reality of the now. Life is suppressed and burdened. Our living togetherness is disrupt. We are living in a sick society because of eons and eons suppression and this is why our psyche is sick, really sick.

This must be healed. And this only will heal from a true living togetherness.

This first! We need protection for our true living togetherness. And this protection is not here. This is not in the unlawful laws: we can not report our stolen life entrance as a crime, because there is no written law to protect us (which is no coincidence of course and we know already that all written laws are unlawful). We need protection, but is not here. We need entrance to life but is stolen from us. This is the reality of the now. And workshops like The Secret will not change anything in this reality.

What will change this (unnatural and unlawful) reality? Well this blog is providing you awareness on that.

It’s so difficult for tender hearts to thrive in this world. That’s not because they need another money workshop or success workshop to learn how to attract money and wealth in their lives. No the reason is that the most tender hearts can and will not cope with the current sick society. It are not those tender hearts that need to be healed (yes that too) but the sick psyche in people, the sick society needs healing. Less tender hearts developed coping mechanisms and perceive those as talents, but those are not talents… those are coping mechanisms and has nothing to do with thriving.

For all of us to thrive we need protection in our true living togetherness. And the truth is this protection is not here (yet). The laws (which are unlawful according to Natural/Cosmic Law) are not protecting our true living togetherness. We could not report our stolen life entrance.

And this we all need: protection for our true living togetherness from a free entrance to life. We need our free life entrance back, its already ours but stolen from us: we need it back. Then we can all thrive from within and let unfold our natural talents finally. Life in its own context without interference from outside.

What can tender hearts do? What can we all do? Must do? Communicate from this awareness. Claim your birth right, a free entrance to life, back. Communicate with family, friends, teachers, police man, politicians, etc. Step into the Circle of Life (also when you have nothing to contribute financially), create a Circle of Life for yourself and ask your friends to contribute to your life entrance, etc.

Well the ones with ‘big’ jobs in the ‘old’ offering success and money workshops for example to learn you techniques how to attract money and wealth will (most) possibly use explanations from the sick psyche of the individual. By this you learn to discern: is there a true togetherness or not.

The sick psyche of the individual working in the old systems and structures will not even acknowledge the fact that his/her current situation (of wealth) IS created by his/her togetherness, not by his/herself alone. As if, being a taxing administration agency is fully set up by you alone, 1 person, on earth. No, The total frame of taxing and suppressive structures and systems are there, created for you already, by suppression. And h/she decided to step in.

The moment we live from essence again, together, which costs nothing, the ones with ‘good jobs’ in the ‘old’ will loose everything that is connected to their profession and that’s the proof h/she did not create/ attract it at all by her/himself. The ‘old’ just use the compost that others are spilled on, saying to that people on the compost: ‘Oh, you just creating this lack yourself’. Yeah the ones attached to the ‘old’ will be in protection mode and are not longing for transformation in our living togetherness. We need to face this. And develop discernment on this.