Spiritual War and Transmutation





We are in the middle of a spiritual war, not a materialistic one and its all about our (sexual) life force energy.

If we all act on our own signing authority, then the system collapses and we will realize we did not need it in the first place. All male and female are equal once they tap into their signing authority in equity, cause we all have equal (equity) rights and unlimited value. Then the clowns that think they have authority over the masses, well they have to disappear and their egos taken down a few notches. All they can manipulate is legal signing authority, but once each male and female moves into equity, then the game is over for them.

Legal or public or people, all the same… groups, corporations, governments… followers and leaders… This is public domain, not equitable domain. In equity, each individual is their own sovereign nation state, self governing, etc

But when you hear ‘the one people’, ‘we the people’, stay away from this as this is public legal manipulation, grouping all souls into one, that is how one can think they have signing authority over 7 billion.

We are in the middle of a spiritual war and its all about Knowing Thyself and Inner Alchemy, which is the true transmutation. Then You Are in Your Own Individual Power and start living from a true togetherness and sharing with Your Morther Earth and in alignment with All There Is. No more manipulation, no more harvesting of your (sexual) life force energy. Just you flowing wherever life wishes you to flow(er).

On July 25th all Platforms including Equi Place are dissolved but her awareness is STILL very much ALIVE of course.

The Truth of Life was always here, is here NOW, and will be here always. The flexibility of Life, Life flowing in her own context, no interference, just let her BE.

In November 2015 we co-created new Platforms and new video series and provided the wonderful facilities Equi Place offered. We always are coming from the Reality of the NOW.

We ARE the New Earth