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VPRO – Tegenlicht talking about Abundance? No they miss the clue totally

Abundance need not to be created. Abundance IS already here in the HERE-NOW. It truly IS.

The truth is that all crisis are being created. So what Tegenlicht is indoctrinating you is bullshit nonsense. An upcoming water CRISIS? Food crisis? WTF!
So instead of having the awareness of abundance they are indoctrinating you about another CRISIS and that’s why we NEED solar cells.
They are indoctrinating you about CO2 too, but we already know that’s hoax!!
Remember ALL crisis in history are being created!! Again VPRO-Tegenlicht is nothing more then criminal commerce and propaganda. Please attend the facebook study group ‘Entrance to Life – awareness from Equi Living Togetherness’ so you will develop discernment on this kind of nonsense. Also read the e-books (in Dutch) from free entrance to life unconditionally and educate yourself instead of listening to this kind of bs propaganda documentaries.
Other topics in the documentary were:
  1. Healthcare, but we already have a deeper understanding on ‘sickness’ (in Dutch) too.
  2. More and more machines are coming in: Yeah of course… lose all your connection with your natural intelligence… lose all your connection with your body-awareness… But remember: you yourself are your own healer. Nothing outside you is…
  3. What absolutely is UNTRUE is that abundance will be here because of upcoming technology: that’s NOT TRUE at all. Abundance is already here!
  4. In the last minutes of this docu a young boy of 15 years old is telling about his discovery of a test to diagnose different sorts of cancer in a more cheap way until big pharma had. Yeah right!! Remember it’s because of big pharma people die of cancer: we have already deeper understanding about the cause of cancer.

So, they aren’t educating you on this kind of awareness, no they again are indoctrinating you. Now that I pointed it out, do you recognize this?

The only thing we have to do, is keep life-entrance in a shared state. That’s all. All the rest will follow by itself, will dissolve: life takes care of itself.

Moving away from money

Moving away from money from living together from free entrance to life is a possibility but not a necessity. Money itself is not the cause of the problems in the world. Our living togetherness is. Our sick psychy is. Not money itself. Money itself is just a neutral means of exchange.

Greed isn’t in the world because of money but because of our psychy which is educated/indoctrinated by feelings and expierences of shortage. Which is a total lie ofcourse, because we’re living in abundance.

We ourselves are the counter value of the means of exchange. Not something outside of us. No, we ourselves. So not gold, silver, ground, stocks.

It’s not about money anymore. It’s about our living togetherness. Living together from free entrance to life. And from that we can use a means of exchange from a credit ‘system’ (which isn’t a system really as we know it now). Equi is that kind of free exchange (no interest ofcourse).